The word juvalamu has no meaning. It was used in a psychology study done by John A. Bargh, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology at New York University. In his study, he found that there are no truly neutral perceptions. Everything we see is evaluated instantaneously and determined to be either negative or positive, including nonsense words. English speakers found juvalamu to be inherently pleasing, unlike chakaka, which was despised, or bargulum, which was somewhere in between.

Introducing the blog! is also the home of several dormant web sites, including:

The Gallery of “Misused” Quotation Marks, the Internet’s original misused quotation mark destination (est’d 1996).

Monarchy In The USA!, an unofficial Upper Crust fan site.

The one-time official Untamed Youth Web Site, last updated in (ahem) 2002. You’re probably better off visiting their Facebook page.

The Neanderthals Home Cave, the quasi-official homepage of Eddie Angel and Johnny Rabb’s  pre-historic pelt-wearing combo.

Barrage From The Garage, a radio show in 1998 hosted by Bart Cross-Tierney